Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), Inc.

Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), Inc.

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FCC Exam, July 31, 2016

The ARRL VEC congratulates the following for passing the FCC exam given on July 31, 2016. EXTRA: Fred KE0IRE, Boyet AI6SA; GENERAL: Rom N6RJV, Ador KM4TIZ, Rolly KM6EMD, Hank N1RLT; TECHNICIAN: Alex KM6EMC, Ramon KM4VUU. One nice thing about the FCC exam is that its result is made known to the examinee immediately after the proctor checks it. We were pleasantly surprised that the FCC posted the official results on their website 5 days after the exam. This is a new record for an exam conducted in the Philippines, considering that the exam papers are mailed to the ARRL VEC in CT first and then transmitted to the FCC thereafter.

Extra Class

General Class

Technician Class