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Alytha Jae L. Gigantone, Rachel Tanya M. Alegria and Rodrigo D. De Asis - Polytechnic University of the Philippines Radio Engineering Circle (DZ1PUP)

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines Radio Engineering Circle (PUP - REC), an accredited student amateur radio club with callsign of DZ1PUP, has partnered with the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. as the communications arm in the concluded 66th Annual General Membership Meeting, International Electronics Exposition Philippines and Student Summit, dated last October 26-29, 2016. The four day event highlights are as follows:

DAY 1: Student Summit

The 26th of October is the day for the Annual IECEP Student Summit with the theme “Beat the Bees: Best Electronics Engineering Students” held at the Philippine Trade Training Center, Pasay City.

The summit kicked off with the Career Pathway Forum which focuses on certain fields out of thousands for the professional electronics engineers. The following speaker for the forum was Engr. Aguilos of the Chair- Education and Student Affair Committee for the Rationale; Engr. Mappatao of De La Salle University for the Graduate Studies; Engr. Aguilos of the Light Rail Manila Corporation for Design and Consultancy; Engr. Acosta of Transmission Specialist Inc for Broadcast Industry; Engr Estrada of Globe Telecom for Corporate Management; and Engr. Lina of Integrated System and Data Networking, Inc for Construction Industry. Their discussion was followed by a forum headed with the moderator, Engr. Vicente, the former President of IECEP.

Another event that commenced that day is the National Quiz Show. The championship was bagged by the Don Antonio Memorial State University, followed by the Technological University of the Philippines- Manila and De La Salle University for the second and third place respectively.

Assistance and connectivity for with the help of REC, the event was easily navigated and organized, all the last minutes dilemma and innuendos was also solved. The team indeed is part of the event's success.

DAY 2: Annual General Meeting

The 66th Annual General Meeting with the theme of “The Electronics Profession: Key to Sustainable Development Towards ASEAN Integration” was successfully held at the Philippine Trade Training Center with thousands of participants of Electronics Engineers from different parts of the country last 27th of October, 2016.

The event started with the entrance of colors and introduction of the IECEP chapters, incumbent Board of Directors, Former Presidents and Board of EcE’s that was coordinated by the communications group through the organizers. It was lead off by Engr. Raymond C. Medina with his welcome speech and by the warm opening remarks of Engr. Jose Carlos P. Reyes, current president of Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines.

It was followed by some discussions of current events in EcE community by Engr. Alnar Detalla, Chairman of the Board of Electronics Engineering, and some words from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Secretary Rodolfo Salalima. And ended by the highlight of the event, the annual general membership meeting with the hottest exchange of information, thoughts, and opinions between the officers, board of directors and the members of IECEP.

DAY 3: Seminars and Election

Simultaneous talks, academic forum, and the most anticipated election for the new set of officers and board of director of the national board was the highlight of the day.

There were three major halls utilized for the two session talks, namely Hall A, B and C. Engr. James P. Santiago, Engr. Aga Zinampan and Engr. De Toro were assigned as moderators for the three halls. For the first session Hall A, Techno-preneurship was discussed and Telecommunications and Information, Communications and Technology for Hall B and C, respectively while for the afternoon session Hall A shifted to In Building Electronics System, Hall B to Broadcast and Hall C to BioMed.

The team played a big part for this day as the eye of the organizers to the different session halls, problems that arise were reported immediately to the head organizers as they roam around the whole place and it was then a successful day.

DAY 4: Awarding and Introduction of New Officers and BOD

The last and final day to close the event, awarding and new set of officers was announced as follows:

President: Engr. Rosula SJ. Reyes , Ph. D.
V-Pres. Internal : Engr. Raymond C. Medina
V-Pres. External: Engr. Armand Ursal
V-Pres. Education: Engr. Agapito Zinampan Jr
Sec. Gen: Engr. Anne Marie Lagmay
Treasurer: Engr. Pinky Tumaliuan
Auditor: Engr. Jessie De Toro Jr.
Engr. Grace Banguilan Aguilos
Engr. Gerhard Tan
Engr. Dennis Molina
Engr. Jose Carlos Reyes - Immediate Former President

It was an unforgettable moment for the team to be recognized and given a Special Citation by the IECEP, Inc. as working committee, such a pleasure and overwhelming experience working with the ECE students, professionals and IECEP Secretariats.

The success of this event proves strong partnership between the two Organizations, and with this, rest assured that PUP - REC will continue to support and help IECEP National in their future endeavor as well as fulfilling our advocacy in promoting Amateur Radio. The team are hoping for more successful events ahead with the Institute.