Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), Inc.

Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), Inc.

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Radio Clubs

You are encouraged to join a club in your area to avail of the boundless experience of local hams and to share your own experience. You will be warmly welcomed and enjoy the camaraderie. Local clubs bring together like-minded individuals, enjoy regular meetings as well as outings and often participate in field operations. Local clubs are also a great help during calamities and your help will be appreciated. Of course your spouse will also be equally welcomed!

Please click on the required District at the end of this page. Please note that the clubs listed are affiliated to PARA.

Ten sure ways to destroy your Club!
1. Stay away from regular meetings. Show up at meetings only if you have problems or complaints.
2. Decline any appointment to office. Then get angry if you are not nominated.
3. Insist on describing the club in negative terms only.
4. Avoid participating in club net calls, so you are not bothered by news of upcoming events.
5. Do not do any club work if you can avoid it. Then, when the old reliable members pitch in and get the job done, accuse them of being a clique.
6. If you do come to a meeting, don’t speak until the meeting is finished. Then criticize and say how things should have been handled. Leave quickly before you can be collared to pay your dues.
7. Oppose all new programs as being a waste of the membership’s money.
8. When nothing new happens, complain that the officers lack imagination.
9. Visit the club website infrequently. Then complain that you don’t know what’s going on.
10. Never introduce yourself to new members or visitors, make them come to you.
Joke Only, do the exact opposite! Support your club and PARA, bring in new members, let PARA know what is happening in your area.

Radio Club Districts