Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), Inc.

Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), Inc.

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The Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in the Philippines. Key membership benefits of PARA include the sponsorship of amateur radio operating awards and radio contests, and a QSL bureau for those members who regularly communicate with amateur radio operators in other countries.

PARA represents the interests of Filipino Amateur Radio Operators/Enthusiast before the national and international telecommunications regulatory authorities. PARA is the national member society representing the Philippines in the International Amateur Radio Union.

PARA is the recognized national umbrella association for the amateur radio service in the Philippines. As the national association for amateur radio, PARA has for its members the different amateur clubs in the Philippines. Under existing NTC regulations, an amateur club can be accredited by the NTC if such club is an affiliate club of PARA.




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The Radio Amateur's Code

The Radio Amateur is


...never knowingly operates in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.


...offers loyalty, encouragement and support to other amateurs, local clubs, the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), Inc., through which Amateur Radio in the Philippines is represented nationally and internationally.


...keeps station up to date. It is well-built and efficient. His operating practice is above reproach.


...operates slowly and patiently when requested; offers friendly advice and counsel to beginners; kind assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the marks of the amateur spirit.


...Radio is a hobby, never interfering with duties owed to family, job, school or community.


...station and skills are always ready for service to country and community.

- adapted from the original Amateur's Code, written by Paul M. Segal, W9EEA, in 1928

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Philippine Amateur Radio Association

Address: 4F NTC Building, BIR Road, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone: +63 2 668 9125

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